A 3-minute Technique to Release the Charge of Intense Emotions

photo cred to: Tom Caillerac

At times we feel intense anxiety, sadness, overwhelm, anger, disorganization, etc. Emotions carry an energy or charge with them that we go to great lengths to avoid. People will page endlessly through social media, take drugs, and alcohol, or succumb to other addictions to numb them, and/or take meds to avoid feeling them.

Here’s a healthy way to release the intense energetic charge of an emotion within just a few minutes.

  1. First notice that you are feeling something intense.
  2. See if you can name the feeling and if you can figure out what it’s about. Receive any information that comes to you.
  3. Ask yourself what you’re doing to block the charge (like tightening your throat or lifting your shoulders). This brings what was subconscious to consciousness.
  4. Exaggerate what you’re doing to block it. For example, slowly begin to tighten your throat or lift your shoulders even more.
  5. Now slowly release it. Often you will find that the intensity around it has lessened or has left completely.

Repeat if needed.

Now that you’ve released the charge, ask yourself if there is anything that you need to do about it.

If there is something, follow through.