Discover the #1 Block

Holding You Back in Life

Identify of the #1 limiting belief holding you back in life and learn how & why it took root

Get customized affirmations to rewire your conscious mind to positive, life-affirming beliefs

Shift into a higher state of being with specialized, guided meditation that counteracts the limiting subconscious belief

Every one of us has limiting beliefs.

Many of them became ingrained in childhood when our minds and bodies were soaking in everything around us. People made comments about us or communicated their way of doing something, that we internalized as truth.

As things happened around us, we used faulty logic to come to conclusions about what they must mean about us (like thinking it must be our fault that our parents divorced because we aren’t good enough, or If only we performed better/looked better/acted better, then our parents would give us the love and attention we craved).

We began to see the world from that point of view and our bodies looked for representations to support it, and reinforce the expression. These became subconscious beliefs.

And these limiting beliefs block us from all the amazing things we want to be, have, and accomplish in life!

A Limiting Subconscious Belief May Be the Culprit if:

  • You keep repeating the same old patterns
  • You’ve gone to talk therapy and haven’t seen any real results
  • You’ve invested a lot of time and money into self-help, but despite knowing it all, nothing seems to change
  • There are things you want to accomplish but you keep hitting a block that you can’t seem to move past
  • You’ve tried various meditations, healing modalities, retreats, and have maybe even seen healers, shamans, psychics but you still feel stuck
  • You wonder if things would be better if you got a new job, place to live, or partner

It’s might sound crazy, but by age 7 all of your values, morals, ethics have already been established.

Stressful events from your past create trauma triggers within your nervous system. As a safety mechanism, your subconscious runs these programs in the background that sound something like:

“Shutting down and hiding kept me safe when I was 6 and dad came home angry and yelling, and this new situation feels a tiny bit like that so……run the program, run the program, run the program!!!”


“Catering to my mom’s every whim and emotion to try to keep her pleased kept me safe then, so with my boss at work I’d better do the same thing now. Run the program! Run the program! Run the program!!!”

We are not even aware of what programs are running, (unless we’ve done some deep subconscious exploration already ), and our subconscious minds are in charge 95% of the time!

Discovering your number one subconscious block is the first, necessary step for transformation.

Once you’re aware of what it is, you have the opportunity to heal it.

With this 5-minute quiz you get:

  • to identify what your #1 limiting belief is
  • Information explaining how/why the limiting belief took root
  • Specific affirmations that rewire your conscious mind to corresponding positive, life affirming beliefs
  • A specialized, guided meditation that counteracts your limiting belief, shifting you into a higher state of being.


Kelli’s Story

About 8 years ago my hair was falling out every day. I found what amounted to a small ball of hair in the bathtub every time I washed my hair. I went to an endocrinologist who told me that hair falls out 3/4 months after a big stressful event.

And what was going on was that I was feeling unliked and unloved by my husband and that he didn’t want to be with me anymore. We bickered a lot. I wondered if we would separate. I thought “I’m the strong one. If anyone leaves it’ll be me”.

I went to an emotional kinesiologist who’d helped my friend’s back pain disappear and my daughter stop picking her skin when she was stressed. We revelaed that the pain I was feeling had everything to do with how I felt about myself, not how my spouse felt about me.

We uncovered the subconscious beliefs that were at the root of my emotional turmoil: “I am UNLOVABLE.”, “It’s dangerous to love me.”, and “I am scared to death my partner will leave me.”.

Bringing what was subconscious to conscious awareness was the start of my healing journey. And with awareness came the opportunity to change things. I started to work on myself from within, and Kevin and I saw the Dr. to work on our relationship. We were able to work on deep things that we previously couldn’t even admit to ourselves! Our whole relationship dynamic changed for the better. We fell deeper in love and became stronger than ever and have now been together for 20 years. And my hair stopped falling out – it’s now thick and strong.

Subconscious work impacted us so much that it changed the course of our lives. We learned the tools to help others reveal what is blocking them at the subconscious level, to transform the way they relate to themselves, and experience contentment and true INNER FREEDOM.

I am so grateful and thankful for this journey and that Kevin and I stayed together and now share this work with others.

Don’t wait to uncover your #1 Limiting Belief!

There is no better time than right now to stop running on outopilot and let the healing begin!

It only takes 5-minutes and you’ll have your answer along with some great tools to help you, right here, right now.