Emotion Code Therapy

Emotion Code Therapy is a powerful subconscious transformation tool to release emotional stress and trauma trapped at the cellular level.

Have you ever felt anxious, uncomfortable, or just downright bad, but you can’t quite figure out why?

These feelings are often caused by unprocessed emotions resting beneath the surface of your awareness. Emotion Code Therapy is an easy way to identify which emotions are holding you back, bring them to conscious awareness, then release them rapidly and effectively. This restores you to the peace, health, and happiness you know is right there… but might feel just out of grasp (or even a galaxy away) .

Emotion Code Therapy addresses the heightened emotions that often remain as a byproduct of intense life experiences.

If an experience is too intense, we can unintentionally suppress or repress these intense emotions. Your subconscious mind body system (your body) actually writes a program about the event as it’s happening and then replays that on loop as a protection mechanism if we don’t process the emotions properly.

When we don’t allow the energy (emotions, feelings, traumatizing/challenging events) to flow through us, it can become stuck as trapped energy within our body’s biofield. And then it starts to mutate and transform!

This trapped energy within our system creates all kind of blockages that can cause inner turmoil, stress, pain, and may even lead to illness.

Emotion Code Therapy and muscle testing are the tools to gain knowledge about which emotion is impacting you

Using a simple arm muscle test/ applied kinesiology along with an emotion chart, your system can easily identify which emotion is creating a blockage as well as what age you were at the time of the event. Sometimes we need to acknowledge a few details about the event and bring them to the surface of your conscious awareness before your system is willing to release it.

Once your subconscious has agreed to release it (verified by muscle test), we draw the stagnant energy out of your system via your Governing Meridian, your body’s main, central energy line according to Chinese Medicine, which follows the length of the spine. We then confirm that the trapped emotion was released via muscle testing.

Utilizing Emotion Code Therapy method we can identify stuck emotions in seconds and release them immediately, allowing you to experience greater peace, balance, and well-being.

Utilizing Emotion Code Therapy method we can identify stuck emotions in seconds and release them immediately, allowing you to experience greater peace, balance, and overall well-being.

You’ll often gain new insight, free yourself from your past, and return to a relaxed state of being.

People are amazed by how light and free they feel once they let go of what’s held them back for so long.

Quickly Release Stress and Anxiety

Discover and release emotional blockages in seconds

Upgrade Your System to Accelerate You Towards Everything You Want in Life

Learn more about Kelli Russell and Kevin Russell, and their approach to energetic, subconscious healing, and radical reconnection to ourselves.

We have found Emotion Code Therapy to be one of the simplest, easiest, and pain-free methods to release stuck energy that causes stress, anxiety, and inner turmoil that if left unchecked can lead to imbalances and even illnesses within the body.

It’s been our experience that many people find relief (in some cases a little, in some cases a lot) immediately or within a few days after releasing trapped emotions. The most common thing we hear people say after an emotional clearing is, “I feel much lighter and freer.” as well as reporting that symptoms have significantly reduced.

Although we love assisting others on their healing journey, what we really want is for every person in the world to realize what a powerful being they are and that the power to heal lies within them!

We believe that self-muscle testing is the best way to tap into your inner guidance system, your inner knowing, your intuition. Once you can self-muscle test, The Emotion Code is such an easy healing tool to learn and use yourself and with family members.

Here are 3 ways forward if you’re interested in learning more:

1. Learn the Emotion Code

 Take Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code course so that you can utilize it yourself, with friends and family members, or even become a certified practitioner. Click our affiliate link here. Dr. Nelson does cover self-muscle testing within the course.

2. Learn Self Muscle Testing & Read the Emotion Code book

You can also learn to self muscle test with our online course that you take at your own pace, and simply buy Dr. Bradley’s Emotion Code book and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

3. Learn Self Muscle Testing & Practice!

If you feel called to learn Self Muscle Testing so that you can tap into your own inner guidance system and gain the ability to ask your inner-self yes/no questions, true/false questions, and even test your system for stress, and receive answers immediately, but aren’t as interested in the Emotion Code, click here.