PSYCH-K® & Belief Repatterning

Do you feel like no matter what changes you tried to make, how many habits you’ve tried to break or create, or how many years you’ve said that same positive affirmation, nothing works and you’re still stuck?

That’s because you’re talking to your conscious mind—the part that’s in charge only 5% of the time.

We need to access your subconscious, which is in control about 95% of the time. Just like a computer, from the time of our birth (and even before that), we are programmed with the beliefs of our parents, family members, teachers, peers, and our own perceptions of our life experiences. Some of these beliefs were necessary for our survival at some point in our lives, but now they’re no longer needed. Many of these beliefs are negative and destructive. These beliefs and patterns replay at the subconscious level all the time, holding us back from success and well-being.

Through muscle testing, we can as questions and receive responses from your system to gain valuable insight into what is really going on inside at the energetic level.

PSYCH-K®* is a simple process utilizing techniques that balance the hemispheres of our brain, creating a “whole brain state”. It’s within this state that we are able to change limiting beliefs about our health, self-esteem, relationships, career, prosperity, by establishing new, positive, powerful beliefs at the subconscious level. Once we align our subconscious beliefs with our goals, amazing things happen! We discover that WE have the power to direct our lives.

By using applied kinesiology we can utilize the body (via a simple arm muscle test) as a “truth detector”. We can check what resonates as true vs. false, yes vs. no, and can see what thoughts and beliefs cause the body to be strong vs. weak. In this way we can speak to our systems and release deeply-anchored destructive patterns, beliefs, and mental and emotional blocks that might have gone undetermined for years, regardless of consistent efforts to change.

* The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical care.

Clients often say, “How can we make changes so quickly?!
I’ve been stuck for years (or decades)! Shouldn’t it take a long time to change?”

How long does it take to edit or delete a document on your computer? Does it take years? No!

Within seconds or minutes, you can update it. It’s the same with the quantum computer of your subconscious mind. Changes can be made that quickly, and are verifiable by a muscle test.

We can ask our systems to gauge, on a scale of 1-10, how stressful a past event still is within the subconscious and receive an answer. Within 2-5 minutes we can release the emotional charge from past traumatic events and then post-test to ensure that it’s gone.

Then we can establish life affirming beliefs by informing the subconscious of the new plan. Sometimes we utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues with whole-brain processes so that your subconscious gets the message and can make the necessary update. After we establish a belief, we always post-test at the end to ensure that it resonates as truth throughout your entire being.

Want a deep dive into the science behind subconscious change and trauma release at the cellular level?

Watch these videos to learn how our beliefs can actually turn on or off gene expression (Dr. Burce Lipton, Cellular Biologist), and how we can talk to our subconscious mind and make changes at the subconscious level (Rob Williams, Founder of PSYCH-K®).

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD.
The Psychology of Change by Rob Williams M.A.

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