PSYCH-K® & Belief Repatterning

PSYCH-K® is a powerful method to create lasting, positive changes at the subconscious level.

Do you feel like no matter what changes you tried to make, how many habits you’ve tried to break or create, or how many years of talk therapy you’ve had or saying that same positive affirmation, nothing works and you’re still stuck?

That’s because you’re talking to your conscious mind. The part that’s in charge only 5% of the time.

In order to create real, lasting change, we need to access our subconscious.

This is the part of us that is in control of about 95% of our lives. We are programmed with the beliefs of our parents, family members, teachers, peers, and our own perceptions of our life experiences from the time of our birth (and even before that).

Some of these beliefs were necessary for our survival at some point in our lives. The challenge is, many of these beliefs end up being experienced as negative and even destructive. Old patterns of safety become our current-day triggers. These outdated beliefs and patterns replay at the subconscious level all the time, holding us back from success and well-being.

How does PSYCH-K® work?

PSYCH-K® utilizes processes to release the stress connected to traumatic events and change limiting beliefs about our health, self-esteem, relationships, career, and prosperity at the subconscious level by establishing new, positive, powerful beliefs. Once we align our subconscious beliefs with our goals and the things we do want, amazing things happen! We discover that WE have the power to direct our lives.

Rather than talk therapy, which strengthens the neural pathways of the old story, we use applied kinesiology as a “truth detector” to discover the reel root of the issue, and create changes at the subconscious level where they truly matter.

In this way, we can speak to our systems and transform our relationship with ourselves. We release deeply-anchored destructive patterns, beliefs, and mental and emotional blocks that might have flown under the conscious radar for years, regardless of consistent efforts to change. And we establish positive subconscious beliefs to support everything you want in life.


* The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical care.

Clients often say, “How can we make changes so quickly?! I’ve been stuck for years (or decades)! Shouldn’t it take a long time to change?”

How long does it take to edit or delete a document on your computer? Does it take years? No! Within seconds or minutes, you can update it.

It’s the same with the quantum computer of your subconscious mind and PSYCH-K® Facilitation. Changes can be made that quickly, and are verifiable by a muscle test.

Updating Subconscious Programs

With PSYCH-K®, we have the key to access and update the programs that are running on automatic within your subconscious mind. We can release the subconscious stress/trauma attached to past or current events or future worries, and can check to see what beliefs you currently hold as truth.

If we discover limiting beliefs, we can change them to the most supportive, powerful, positive beliefs at the subconscious level.

Being able to access the deeper level of our minds and update the programming while in an alert state is truly the BIGGEST GAME CHANGER throughout all branches of inner work.

Accessing a “whole brain state” allows you to shift out of stress and into a state of balance both within your brain and nervous system.

Release Subconscious Stress & Return To Balance

The blue lines show increased brain pattern activity after a PSYCH-K® balance, when in a connected-hemisphere state.

If we were to hook your brain up to electrodes, and have you think about a stressful or traumatic situation, we would find that only one hemisphere of your brain is lit up with neural activity: either the right hemisphere (emotional) or the left hemisphere (analytical).

By activating both hemispheres of the brain utilizing PSYCH-K® Processes, you become balanced with neural activity on both sides.

So if a stressful event had you stuck in emotions, you gain access to the logic of the left hemisphere. And if you were over-mentalizing about it, spinning out, you now have access to the creativity of the right hemisphere. This allows you to shift out of stress and into a state of balance both within your brain and nervous system.

Using PSYCH-K® to Transform our Lives

We can use PSYCH-K® processes to discover how stressful a past event is within the subconscious and receive an answer. Once identified, we can release the emotional charge from past traumatic events within 2-5 minutes. Then, we verify its release and transformation via muscle testing.

From there, we can establish positive, life affirming beliefs by informing the subconscious of the new plan. This is a whole new, 21st Century approach to whole-system health and ultimate wellbeing in life.

PSYCH-K® a powerful, subconscious/quantum health tool to:

  • Transform our relationship with our past,
  • Erase years of conditioning, programming and trauma at the cellular level and,
  • Supercharge our subconscious to get it working for us, instead of keeping us limited and controlled in life.

I’m not in town for a session where you can muscle test me in person.

How does this work long distance? 

Want to discover the #1 limiting belief holding you back in life?

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