Results & Testimonials

Working with Kelli Russell

“I have been in therapy for more years than I care to admit and though it’s great to talk and analyze, things never really felt resolved. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life with no real solutions in site. I reached out to Kelli to see if she could help. I’ve had several sessions with Kelli covering some past trauma – stuff that happened decades ago. Very quickly she was able to identify what was going on and helped me change my subconscious beliefs. My mental pain around the incidents were eliminated. Like, GONE! I didn’t just feel better, a huge weight was lifted and I no longer carry these burdens. And best of all, I’m seeing it in every area of my life. I’m more positive, relaxed and happy. Haha, even my teenagers are taking notice. I had to share because she’s the real deal. Meet with Kelli. She’s so smart and cool and good at this…I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Lorrie / Carlsbad, Ca

“Dealing with past trauma, limiting beliefs or installing new beliefs that serve you is not easy. There are many slow, expensive and inefficient ways to go about it…and I’ve done most of them over the years. After discovering Psych-K through a classic book in the alternative medicine world “Healing Is Voltage”, I researched local facilitators and discovered Kelli. She was ultra-professional and had a fantastic intake process set up, which is not something you run into often. After doing two extended sessions, I had dramatic results. For one, more energy because my body was not tied up holding down past trauma anymore. And two, old resentments and past hurts just weren’t there…hard to explain, but they’re just not a thing anymore. Finally, I have been having a much easier time running a business and the speed of implementation has been my fastest ever – much less energy required to put something profitable into action. If you’re thinking about it, just trust in Kelli and the process and DO IT. It works, and works FAST!”

Steven / San Diego, Ca

“Since our appointment I have felt like I have had a significantly different perspective on all aspects of my life. I can’t explain what happened in that session but I know how I used to react to situations and feel about myself which I no longer feel now. I feel this guidance inside of me that makes me feel so confident. I feel worthy of this path that I’ve been guided to and trust myself intuitively. I am so grateful for your work and I have been telling everyone I know about you! You have such a divine light and gift that needs to be shared.”

Aubrey / Vista, Ca

“Thank you, Kelli! Absolutely mind blowing. Life seems a lot lighter and my thought clarity is like night and day. I wish I knew about these tools 40 years ago.”

Derick / La Mesa, Ca

“I am feeling good, lighter since we had our session. When things come up for me, I don’t feel that heaviness that I had been feeling for so long. I also remind myself that I am not responsible for other peoples actions and that it is ok to create boundaries for myself and not feel guilty about it.”

Alyha / Burlington, VT

“I’m finding myself excited to go to sleep so I can wake up and get to work. What a change THAT is! I’ve also seen that through the lenses I put on yesterday, the transformation of my goals from weak to strong, positive changes are happening in even the smallest ways. I feel like a new person, a better version of myself.I appreciate you and the work that you’ve done with me. Thank you so much!”

Eva / Los Angeles, Ca

“Hi Kelli, I wanted to reach back out and affirm the power of your session! During our session I expressed that I loved my fiancé but that I also felt someone out there was better suited for me. It took well over a year for me to finally come to terms with that and say goodbye to the relationship but during the break up, while I felt deeply sad for the loss, I also knew inside that I was choosing a path better aligned for me. In your session it came as such a surprise to me that I felt that way but that insight served as an anchoring point for me when I felt uncertain to let it go.Thank you for helping me uncover a big truth inside me! It’s so cool to see how that session still has lasting effects in my life so many months later.”

Jennifer / San Diego, Ca

“After releasing limiting beliefs : I am not enough, I don’t deserve success, I don’t deserve love, I don’t deserve super close friendships, this week has been massive momentum in my business!  Including a book idea!  WHAT?!   I have been asked to pitch an idea for a book on branding and the philosophy of my business! I can’t wait to start your course (and read Kevin’s book…that’s next up)….it can only catapult me further, right? THANK YOU!”

Veronica / San Diego, Ca

“I can’t put every thing I experienced in one email. But I can say that after our session, I got on a healing jet plane… all about authenticity and my body is like a gigantic alchemization machine for all the old dense emotions and consciousness (fear of being authentic, lack of trust in myself, low self esteem..). Now, I’m at the point where I don’t need anyone’s approval.. I trust my self and stand for my truths big time..I thought you will help me find a partner, but no, I’m finding myself first.”

Lucas / Dana Point, Ca

“Stress that was monopolizing my life for weeks is totally gone. No stress at all!!”

Selena, London, UK

“The appointment itself was so interesting and exciting. I left there feeling very happy and kind of fascinated at my own body’s responses. The first time I noticed feeling different was the weekend after, I noticed that whenever I communicated with anyone, they were somehow more attracted to me. Not in a physical way of course lol, but to my energy/happiness. I used to connect with people very easily and I feel like that was something that I had lost. Instead of connecting, it’s usually just polite conversations here and there. But this weekend was different. It was small and very subtle, but I appreciated it. I felt lighter. My energy felt more loving and happy, not heavy and serious. Thank you so much for everything!”

Angelica / San Diego, Ca

“I have noticed this week that I’m not waking up as early with crushing anxiety that has interrupted my sleep for literally years. The anxiety doesn’t feel as heavy. This is HUGE actually! I feel clearer this week and not as desperate. I am trusting my intuition more and trying to let go and focus what I have control over.”

Sharon / Encinitas, Ca

“Kelli is amazing! I had two Heart-wall sessions with her and it has been life changing! I had a really tough breakup in my early twenties and I haven’t been able to be open and unguarded since then. During our first session, Kelli helped me to release that heartache that I could still feel seven years later. Right after we went through that release the pain I’ve been having for years in my shoulder blades completely disappeared. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even realize I could be pain free. I’m also a strong believer in mental health and have been going to a therapist for the past 3 years, but in two sessions with Kelli, I feel like I’ve been able to release so many feelings, emotions, hurts that I had been unsuccessful in doing before. Thank you Kelli for helping me have an open heart and renewed start! I will continue to send as many of my friends and family your way as I can!”

Shay / Oahu, HI

“I sleep soundly at night which I haven’t since I was little. I’ve noticed a deeper recognition & acceptance of my past. I feel I’m moving to a new beginning.”

Margaret / Rockville, Md

“I’ve had a really good week and weekend since I saw you last! In terms of relationships, I realize that my worry and insecurity is for nothing and not serving me. It has really allowed some shifts to be made, my actions aren’t based on fear but with more intention and love. I have to say, so much progress has been made with our sessions. I’m so happy and thankful I invested in this.”

Laura / New York, NY

“I did my action step! I got on the interstate, which was something I haven’t done in 20 years.” -after 1 session releasing the phobia of driving on the interstate.

Jo / Minnesota

“Kelli is amazing! During a time where I was battling illness, depression and truly felt like recovery was impossible, Kelli helped me visualize and believe that I can be healthy again and to trust my body’s ability to heal. Within a couple of weeks of my first session with Kelli, I was out of the hospital. The mind has an enormous amount of power and with Kelli’s help, I was able to tap into that power and believe that I would recover, that my doctors had the right action plan and that “I am in perfect health.”

Peter / San Diego, Ca

“With our work together, I feel light, open, caring, peaceful, and filled with joy, love, gratitude and appreciation. Thank you!

Jack / Portland, Or

“My Psych-K sessions with Kelli have healed me of years of emotional baggage I’d been lugging around for decades!  I was speechless after my first session – the “lightness” and freedom I felt was incredible and completely life altering. Those feelings of relief and liberation have stayed with me.”

Selina / San Diego, Ca

“I encourage anyone who has a desire to improve their life to gift yourself with at least one psych-k session. Kelli has an incredible spirit and genuine desire to help other people heal. Whether or not you believe in alternatives to traditional therapy, as someone who has tried both, I stand confident in my testimony when I share how this method has miraculously transformed me and therefore, my life.”

Veronica / Ramona, Ca

“The best word to describe my overall feeling is, whole. I feel whole and therefore I feel absolutely unstoppable! Thank you Kelli!

Miceala / San Diego, Ca

“Your gift has given me an entirely new and transformed way to view myself and the world. I noticed a significant improvement both at work this morning and while instructing this afternoon. I would say, that’s another victory! Interactions with my husband have gotten progressively better since our first session too. I’m stoked on that but I bet he’s even more thankful!”

Evelyn / San Diego, Ca

“I feel lighter, freer and more grounded in my own uniqueness:)Also calmer and more present. I was telling a friend this morning about how positive the work we’ve done has been for me.”

Tory / Seattle, Wa

(After 4 sessions helping release subconscious stress and emotional blockages connected with Crohn’s Disease) “I’m doing great! I had an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago and actually received my biopsy results today and based on the findings it looks like I’m in REMISSION! Also, I’m off the nocturnal nutrition, which means they’ve removed the PICC line. By removing the PICC line, I’m now able to go to the gym and exercise. I only 10 lbs. away from my normal weight and have been able to eat essentially whatever I want.Life is amazing!”

Mark / San Diego, Ca

“I’m speechless!!! Today at work was the most comfortable and confident I’ve been in SO long, it’s hard to remember when I’ve ever felt so whole! Hard to find the words to express it all – amazing, absolutely AMAZING! Thank you again!

Lydia / La Jolla, Ca

(Regarding a session a woman purchased for her daughter in her 20’s) “I am definitely noticing shifts in Josie. I see where she is responding from a place of genuine kindness and care. There is a pleasantness in her presence that is refreshing to be around. I also see her newfound consistent willingness to work on her business, and calmness about the ambiguity of certain relationships.”

Gina/ Phoenix, Az

“I have noticed a change in my usual reactions to certain things that used to get my anxiety revved up. I have used the session as a beacon to remind myself to let some things roll off of me rather than taking it in as baggage for me to be burdened with.”

Jerry /  San Diego, Ca

“I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling about life in general since you and I began our sessions. Truly. It feels like such a huge transformation. I’m-definitely-noticing-a-big-change-in-me shift. I am beyond excited about the process.”

Lina / San Diego, California

“I feel light with regards to the emotional pain I have carried. It seems to be something that’s not affecting me now. My body pain is also not too bad. At times I would have body/joint pain regardless but that is just not the case. I believe your session was very therapeutic for me. I’m grateful for the time you spent with me and your sincere intent to help me. You are one special lady.”

Alexandra / Aspen, Co

“I feel the best I have felt in a while after our session and am definitely noticing positive changes with feeling more relaxed in situations that I normally wouldn’t.”

Shauna, Maui, HI

“Every time I have had a session with Kelli my symptoms improve dramatically and quickly. Most notably I was experiencing severe PTSD symptoms while being a front seat passenger in a car after experiencing or witnessing several traffic related accidents. I could easily describe being in the front seat of a car agonizing and terrible. After seeing Kelli my symptoms went from a 10 down to a 0. It was amazing to feel calm and safe while riding in a car. The change was so notable it brought me to tears having had severe symptoms for so long.”

Theresa / San Diego, Ca

“Kelli helped me with business related stress. I was having trouble dealing with stressful situations and now I am at a far better place when reacting to situations, they have less charge and my stress response is balanced and healthier. My husband, who grew up in a very western medical family with his dad being a MD and a professor, has also had profound results with Kelli that broke through his limiting beliefs and he has experienced profound healing. I’m very grateful for this work and that Kelli is offering it. It’s powerful!”

Sarah / Pacific Beach, Ca

“Regarding a session to reduce panic/anxiety while driving: “I’d say as a driver, overall the anxiety is decreased from an 8-10  to 1-3. It feels waaaaaaay better overall! It’s working!!!”

Rebecca / Chicago, Il

“I definitely feel more comfortable with my decisions which is increasing my confidence.”

Ronald / San Diego, Ca

“Thank you so much for the great work today! It was very moving for me; a big positive shift. I look forward to applying it to my art, real estate business, and love life :)Looking forward to working with you again soon.”

Monique / Lisbon, Portugal

(After one session working with 9 year old son regarding arachnophobia) “Instead of paralyzing fear and yelling and screaming, he is very calm and can sort it out.”

Terry / San Francisco, Ca

“I know today was a very important part of my healing and growth – thank you for your patience and willingness to make sure I got it.”

Rissa / India

“I feel amazing. There is so much craziness around me but I feel grounded and clearheaded. I’m certain this is a result of the work we’ve done so thank you, Kelli.”

Carrie / San Diego, Ca

“I’m feeling great. Much lighter, more carefree. While I noticed a drastic reduction in anxiety after our first session, it seems I shed another layer that I didn’t even realize was nearly constant until it was gone! Overall feel really optimistic and happy. Thank you so much!”

Lexi / San Diego, Ca

“I felt SO much better after our last session.It has helped me so much. My mom has even commented that I sound the “lightest” since I moved here. I’ve told several people how much you helped me and how incredible it was that you were able to intuit the emotions I wanted to release. I’ve generally felt stronger and braver after our meeting. You gave me such a gift—of releasing that pain and fear. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Emma / Bellevue, Wa

“I’ve already started to see changes and feel so much more confident being me!

Sophia / San Diego, Ca

“I think there has been a positive change in how I’ve been feeling overall after these sessions. Multiple people have also commented that I seem different in a good way. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I no longer feel a constant weight or a kind of sense of dread hanging over me.”

Luis / San Marcos, Ca

(After a session reducing emotional blockages connected to shoulder pain) “The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I don’t feel “weight” on my right shoulder anymore. The pain overall is greatly reduced. The feeling of something/someone pushing down on my right shoulder is gone. So wild!”

Surya / Chennai, India

(After a session to clear blockages connected to rash symptoms) “Woke up this morning & went to scratch my rash & it’s gone  !!!!Keep feeling for it & it’s not there!  THANK YOU !!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!THANK YOU !!!!How exciting – the work that you do!”

Patty / Las Vegas, Nv

“Since our session I feel lighter and much less resistance. I’ve been a lot more positive. Last week I got upset over a problem and I was able to move through the emotions a lot quicker. Also in the middle of that my daughter asked me for help and I didn’t snap at her.”

Jane / Boise, Id

“I absolutely loved the session and the exercises we did. I will be calling you to schedule another session as soon as I can.”

Reynata / Stamford, Ct

“I am noticing that I’m a little lighter and changes don’t feel as hard. I saw my sister last week and felt more loving and patient with her and didn’t feel the tremendous guilt I usually feel – so that is HUGE.  My brother in law and his wife are leaving after a visit, but I don’t feel this desperate anxiety about it. This calm inside is such an unexpected surprise – I love it!!Kelli – you have been such a gift to me!!

Lanni / Poway, Ca

“I’ve been feeling great, I have definitely noticed a positive change in my energy and so have others around me.”

Elena / San Diego, Ca

“I have been feeling so much lighter, really happy, like I’m just in a great mood. What’s cool is that I remember being concerned that any hormonal shifts which I usually experience before a period would bring me sorta low again. And that didn’t happen at all! I was actually so surprised when my normal period arrived because I hadn’t noticed any mood swings. Sorry if that’s too much info, but that’s like HUGE for me! and with my shift in mood, I noticed everyone else smiling and laughing more too!Also, and I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence but I’ve gotten phone calls and emails OUT OF THE BLUE . (kinda unrelated but feels great regardless!) Maybe it’s all that energy I’m throwing out there.”

Mary / Del Mar, Ca

“I felt very uplifted after our session. For whatever reason I felt physically a lot taller. I have noticed, that it has been easier for me to address serious subjects with my boyfriend, which is great progress. I’ve been trying to let go of my worry to be perfect and it has led to some very creative moments and great ideas for things I want to do in the future. Many positive shifts still occurring :)Your session was such a healthy approach to plug in deeper for answers and “that knowing” we all have.”

Jordyn / San Diego, Ca

“I have noticed changes since our session: I’m more grounded than I’ve been in a while. I’m taking care of myself and have cut out alcohol. I’m sleeping amazing. I feel more awareness and peace.”

Sandy / Carlsbad, Ca

“Hi Kelli This morning I had an incredible energy like someone who was held back by something and was finally released. There was a tremendous feeling of abundance and a strong energy of going forward, with a letting go of previous heaviness and feelings of being stuck. There’s also a feeling of big inner shifts, things readjusting into different places. And a change of perspective – or rather of feeling – over that sense of being my own best friend.I am sure many good things will come out of our working together. Looking forward to our next session”

Mariana / Lisbon, Portugal

“I am working daily on writing my book, so apparently the block has been removed. I feel better about losing my friend who passed away.”

Sheridan / San Marcos, Ca

“There’s much more space for me to choose my reaction and to choose to stay calm—while in the past, certain types of things would bring out more intense emotions/reactions in me.  So, the session is working.  I’m learning to witness instead of being swept away by what’s happening.”

April / Solana Beach, Ca

“I’ve been feeling more motivation and I’m reminded to stay in a place of receptivity in order to move forward with more clarity.”

Jeremy / San Diego, Ca

(professional singer/dancer) “I’ve definitely noticed a greater discernment when looking at potential partners! I’ve felt an urge to take on my dance practice in a more powerful way more than anything else since our session.”

Sean / Los Angeles, Ca

(After a single session to release back pain) “Thank you so much Kelli!  This is very helpful and our session was amazing!!! I can already feel a difference in my back so can’t wait to see how I am after I do more work.”

Carol / San Diego, Ca

(Teenager) “So far I’ve been making decisions with no regrets I haven’t thought back on them and felt bad. Overall I’ve been doing a lot better on trusting myself!! I’ve also made some new friends through my old ones and am having really good relationships with them. Thank you for all your help!”

Mia / Lake Tahoe, NV

“I’ve definitely had some mental clarity [since our session]. I feel that I understand things more and have been able to trust my own thoughts without so much doubt.”

Madelyn / San Diego, Ca

“I’ve had two sessions with Kelli for two separate reasons. Both occasions have led to OMG moments and have cleared stuck emotions and have brought amazing clarity to me. On my first session a painful trauma from when I was 4 unlocked and when I addressed it with knowledgeable parties, I realized where some of my trapped emotions stemmed from. On another occasion, recovering from a terrible breakup, Kelli unlocked feelings around that that have allowed my to move through my days freer. Kelli does amazing work.”

Kellen / San Diego, Ca

“I am able to consciously stop my actions and move on to another thought. Overall I feel lighter and more free. Where there was intense pain and crying over the past month, after working with you I did not have any of those feelings.”

Jon / San Diego, Ca

“To say I’m incredibly fascinated with the work you’ve done would be an understatement. The mini session you did with me has continued to have a ripple effect. I want more for myself and everyone else!!”

Irene / Carlsbad, Ca

“Since completing our session, I have felt a real shift. Becoming more aware of those old patterns in other areas of my life, connecting to the visualization of my best self and feeling those emotions. The vision get clearer everyday and I feel I am unlocking the true health and well being that dwells within me. I’ve since seen a naturopath as well and there’s crossover That has only enhanced the experience. I am keeping up with our action items and have incorporated it into many of my favorite routines.”

Tonya / Austin, Tx

(Teenager) “Since our session, I’m doing great, I feel really calm and relaxed and I feel more comfortable with myself. I have noticed when starting work and meeting new people, I am more self assured.  I feel super at peace and happy. Thank you for teaching me such great practices.”

Emma / Carlsbad, Ca

“Thank you for such a magical session. I am feeling amazing already! I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY!”

Merry / San Francisco, Ca

“I feel positive and more able to live out my authentic truth with less fear than before.”

Lola / Orange County, Ca

“I’ve noticed overall positive effects in that I’m more content and happy in general. I have been more creative and productive which I see as a positive benefit :)”

Mia / San Diego, Ca

“The momentum, as usual, has been great after our session. I have received feedback on having a different demeanor, especially when I speak of the past, which is always super encouraging. I have identified a couple of other things I would like to work on, in addition to deepening what we’ve done with the business/work/money stuff which has been SUPER valuable to me.”

Matt / Pacific Beach, Ca

“I am so much more confident now that these beliefs that you helped me establish will continue to be strong and allow me to be more me! Both sessions the intentions were just so on point. Thank you again, so so much. With love.”

Amy / San Diego, Ca

“Today I was thinking how much I’ve progressed since I started working with you.  I could see me in despair, as members of my FB seniors alone group are.  Now, I am not nearly as depressed.  It’s amazing how much better I feel. It seems to me the work you and Kevin do is remarkable. You were so easy to talk to and I think the energy work was successful. Thanks so much!”

Audrey / Seattle, Wa

“My vibration is way higher after letting all those beliefs go! I’m expressing my self easily, and I’m more FLEXIBLE with people! Being joyful no matter how they are.. I don’t need to fix them in a specific way for me to feel safe or empowered! I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, including the voice in my head.. I know I’ve got it.”

James /Los Angeles, Ca

“Since our session, I have noticed that I’ve been able to remain more calm and centered through some really challenging moments. I am also feeling focused on the projects I am starting and finishing.”

Pete / San Diego, Ca

“I feel more aware and mindful, so that’s helping me stay on track to creating change by breaking patterns.”

Carolina / San Diego, Ca

“I feel a sense of calmness right now, and I think it definitely made a difference as far as me practicing to open up more and being vulnerable. It also helps me see I do have lots of layers to peel back. I wish I could have weekly sessions with you.”

Tamy / Vista, Ca

“After our session, I cried a little more but they were happy tears and feeling a sense of relief!  Then I felt much lighter and definitely freer! Since then, I have been feeling more confident about setting boundaries and making choices that work for me, rather than carrying around others’ emotional burdens.  Thank you so much for being my guide on this journey and I’m looking forward to our next session!”

Jade / San Diego, Ca

“I noticed that I slept so great and have mostly been which is rare for me.  I also noticed that all the emotions I was feeling about my divorce seemed to dissipate. I didn’t cry or feel the need after our session. Pretty huge! I look forward to continuing this process with you.”

Karen, Whitefish, Mt

(I worked with this client who was living in a (literally) dark house with no light, no job due to harassment she’d suffered at work, and she was having difficulty finding work. We worked together releasing the emotional, energetic blockages and trauma regarding what had happened at work. We established visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues for her subconscious to understand what it was that she wanted instead. 7 weeks later I received this message from her, which almost EXACTLY matched the vision we’d established during our session together. Now she is living a whole new life – of her creation! SO POWERFUL! I am so excited for her!!!!) “Two weeks ago I got a puppy. I envisioned that my “best life” included a dog companion. So I did it! The next day, I found out I was hired to an incredible remote contract job, with the possibility to convert to permanent in 3 months. The next day, I found a house I love with a pool and bright natural light, and made an offer on the spot. The universe listened.”

Rachel / San Diego, Ca

“I’ve been feeling a lot better. I’ve been talking to a lot of friends and family and I’ve gained a lot of clarity and perspective. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to call me yesterday. Actually just the fact that you took the time to check in on me made me feel so much better. I hung up the phone feeling grateful that there are people out there who care enough about each other to call them and make sure they’re ok. You don’t really know me, and I already paid you so you did not have to do that, but you did because that’s how human beings should be. That touched me. Thank you again! PS: I got Kevin’s book so I will start reading it this weekend!”

Adrian / Los Angeles, Ca

“I am grateful for your time and the support you provided to me to help combat the pain I feel from the death of my father. I am in a good place right now mentally, and look forward to facing the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Josh / Carlsbad, Ca

“I am a lot calmer (thank you) and have been able to access my ability to communicate how I’m thinking and feeling lot easier. I am able to give a moment to listen to myself more. The mind shift has also helped me be aware of not allowing others opinions or behaviors affect me, and I believe the awareness of not letting them affect me will strengthen my inner power.Thank you for you! And the amazing work you do!”

Caryn / South Africa

“Kelli came to my house and was so professional and caring, I immediately felt as ease.. out sessions went great and I am finally able to COMPLETELY put my past fears; insecurities and blocks to my heart behind me. This worked for me, it’s definitely worth it!”

Crystal / Solana Beach, Ca

“I’ve realized that I already have a sense of purpose. I help people through my therapy job, and since working with you I am way way more aware of this and confident. I have been dealing with fatigue my whole life, but now I have energy.”

Evelyn / Montreal, Canada

“After the session, I felt different and good. It was like a moment of clarity in such a way that I didn’t realize how much I was depressed and how much I was living in pain this whole time. I think when it’s been with you for so long you get use to it.Thank you so much for your help!”

Janae / Tokyo, Japan

“I am still marinating in our session and loving the tools you gifted me. The top three things that have really stuck with me are: -witness in wonder while interacting with individuals/triggers-The game of life AKA: up-leveling! -endless energy in the universe–I’ve REALLY found this shift in perspective enriching. There is no need to “protect” energy, rather I prefer to share my light with others who it may serve and am open to receiving refreshing energy with endless refills 😉 From here, I developed a new little metaphor for energy (rather than focusing on “lack thereof” and I like to think of a pair of batteries and how when you have a fresh pair they are charged with what you need…then when they no later have the energy you discard and replace. It seems energy within ourselves should be the same, no need to “hold on” to anything…just use and replace when needed 😉 Thank you so much for gifting me these valuable perspectives and the notes from our session! I look forward to experiencing the growth opportunities ahead and whatever this next level of life has in store for me/us 😉 Thank you again.I look forward to working with you more in the future!”

Amanda / Rotterdam, Netherlands

“I’ve noticed that my thought process has changed a little bit regarding on how I interact with people at work. Its a little hard to explain, but I noticed that before when I would think of how people thought of me or how I was perceived at work by other people, a part of me would conform to that instead of just being myself. However, now I feel like that process has slowed down in my brain and instead of it being an involuntary automatic response I feel like there is now a gap in the thinking process where my mind has more control over the situation and I don’t have to conform to what other people think of me.Yesterday I experienced peace inside my body without it being so tense from the stress I usually have. This is very unusual for me.”

Roxy / San Diego, Ca

“In just two sessions, you helped me get rid of a lot of what was holding me back and taught me things that I use every day now. They have helped me immensely on this wild new path in life. These things are easy to do and for me that’s good.  I like your method of healing and you are an excellent healer. I felt comfortable with you right away.  I met with Kevin too and it was extremely helpful because he answered the millions of questions I had.  You and your husband are really awesome people… my gratitude is over the top.”

Serena / Sydney, Australia

“I feel a strong movement forward – the most stable, a strong transformation is going on, new customers have appeared, a lot of nice feedback, I realized that I have become more open to the environment. I feel a strong push forward, even the joy is already starting to let in. Thank you, really very effective and strong, I will come again :)”

Emelia / Cranston, RI

“Since the session, it feels like my mind isn’t grabbing onto and holding onto/overanalyzing things with previous or potential future relationships. Feels nice, frees me up more.”

Dave / San Diego, Ca

“Quick cool story… when I went to PT today, my physical therapist went out of her way to point out that I looked great today. She said that when she saw me walking across the parking lot I was standing up straighter than usual! Ha! How cool is that?? – Thanks again for your help.”

Mariane / Salt Lake City, Ut

“I feel like actually I’m getting my groove back that I had lost so long ago. My confidence in myself I noticed in me since our healing. I feel now nothing will hold me back I’m going for all in life! Amazing! I am so grateful for you. YOU changed my life!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I tell everyone about my journey and you everyone I meet.”

Janice / San Diego, Ca

“Our session was very helpful to me and I feel a difference already. Your energy is so very supportive and uplifting, and everything you said was spot on to what I was feeling. I look forward to connecting again!!!”

Valerie / Del Mar, Ca

“After a distance emotional energy healing session:I wanted to let you know that I definitely felt the healing almost instantly. In fact at around 4pm I fell asleep and woke up at 6.30 around the time of the session. It was a consciousness shift and a feeling of lightness. Thank you, is all I can say. Much love.”

Michelle / Capbreton, France

“I noticed that I am MORE CONSCIOUS of EVERYTHING I eat—watching carefully and thinking about it. This is a HUGE change for me. I noticed I became more quiet —if that makes sense. Not giving out as much energy as I have always done—instead—keeping it for myself. Also, for July 4th we had a small BBQ. NORMALLY that would have DERAILED ME—but it didn’t. I was able to reign myself back into the mission I am on to take better care of myself physically.”

Natalie / Kansas City, Mo

“Kelli, thank you so much for amazing remote healing. It has cleared a lot of energy. Your work is very powerful and it has brought up a lot of feelings and experiences that must have been bubbling away. So I am looking forward to the next steps.”

Paul, San Diego, Ca

“After our session, I slept soundly at night which I haven’t since I was little. I’ve noticed a deeper recognition & acceptance of my past. I feel I’m moving to a new beginning.”

Molly / San Diego, Ca

(After 1 session to release claustrophobia) “Kelli, thank you so much!!! I just went in an elevator with my husband and son!!! I was nervous approaching the elevator but told my body that everything was fine, to have compassion for myself and took deep breaths. There was some nervousness there but I just kept repeating those steps. I am amazed!!! Thank you again!!!”

Ruth / Naperville, Il

“I notice I am more conscious of myself and my actions. I have been doing my best to breathe and consciously think, which has helped me be more patient immensely.”

Vera / San Diego, Ca

“I just wanted to say how wild I feel- like I’m using my whole heart for the first time in my life. I met somebody that I’m falling fast for and my level of self care, self love and compassion is just insane (in a good way). It’s just wow!”

Sue / Seattle, Wa

“I have felt a lot stronger, and my symptoms have really improved.  I felt like my jovial self returned, I felt free for the first time in a long time, I forgot what this feeling was like, I was laughing and joking and telling stories of my youth when I was so adventurous. Thank you Kelli.”

Cindy / San Diego, Ca

“Our session today was life-changing for me. I respect your craft so much. Keep shining your beautiful light.”

Meredith / San Diego, Ca

“Kelli I am so grateful for you… I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful experience and unique  lesson in life. I feel so strongly that this was the moment for me to open myself up to you and all of your abilities. In that opening, I was able to see everything. I truly believe I would not have been able to do that with anyone else…you have a gentle acceptance of ‘what is’ and then this subsequent guidance of what ‘can be’. I look forward to keeping in touch with you…forever! You are such a joy and I have already referred you to my dear sweet friend. I truly am excited to dig in and begin this new journey that you’ve helped me articulate. Now it’s time for me to begin.”

Heather / Phoenix, Az

“I feel like I’m breaking into awesome new territory! I feel more free more open more ALIVE. I want to keep going down this path! Also more easily identifying and releasing old patterns, or at least making progress toward that total release. It’s so much fun! It’s like all the same me just in new 5D! :-)”

Melissa / London, UK

“I used the technique you taught me almost immediately after we got off the call and it’s really helped me focus on one task at a time and not get overwhelmed by all the different possible choices. I have definitely felt more grounded and confident in my power since then (haven’t had nearly as many doubts), and I attribute much of it to releasing those stuck emotions.”

Grace / Indianapolis, In

“I find myself feeling so much more resilient and optimistic.”

Jane / San Diego, Ca

“I know the truths of our value, and what God thinks of us, but life does get in the way and our minds have to be trained to right thinking. We are told to take each thought captive. I guess I never thought that meant to hold on to the good and release the bad until I met with you yesterday.”

Amanda / San Diego, Ca

“I am having more success getting myself to sit down and do what I need to do to get to my goal. A friend of mine said my voice sounds different. I think something changed in a positive direction.”

Carla / San Diego, Ca

(After completing a distance healing for her 13 year old daughter) “I was blown away with the things that you discovered while clearing energy for Patton. I believe the timelines and circumstances to be true and correct. You are amazing. I am very grateful.”

Anne / Fort Worth, Tx

“Immediately after our session, I had a surge of energy (that I hadn’t had in a while), I completed a 9km run in 45 minutes! It felt good to get out and have my body WANT to run. Our session pulled me out of a dark place, and I haven’t gone back.”

Nadine /  San Diego, Ca

“One of my sisters ended up having a miscarriage the evening after our session, and I felt so grounded and full of love. Lots of heart openings and I am so grateful! Feeling more love all around….and also noticing the next batch of work. The biggest feeling is just appreciation heartfelt appreciation for the journey and the present moment in time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Sara / Berkley, Ca

“I have definitely felt a shift in boundaries with my mother, and have felt subtle changes in most of the areas that we worked on… it’s hard to describe but I’m sure you know what I’m referring to in terms of lightness.”

Frank / San Diego, Ca

“Omg the changes have been INSANE. I’m way more positive and have more energy. I’m still working through a lot of stuff from my last relationship but it’s easier now. The day after our session I had a low self esteem thought and started to spiral and was very easily able to pull myself out of it and think positively. I’m really looking forward to our next session. I told my therapist about it and he asked for your info he was so impressed LOL”

Song / San Francisco, Ca

“I have been choosing more positivity from within and manifesting it outwards. I feel like I’ve gotten control of my life back and it feels great! Also, getting through much of my to do list so feeling accomplished. Going to keep this up.”

Alicia / San Diego, Ca

“As usual I came into it as a skeptic, but I was pleasantly surprised by the entire process and the outcome. I can’t really put my finger on any one specific thing that has changed -but what has changed is I’m more positive and more energetic. Things that I’ve been putting off or just thinking about doing are getting schedules or done and my overall attitude is better.”

Mara / San Diego, Ca

“I have noticed that I am not so negative and annoyed with people in general as I go about my day. As a negative thought comes to mind I now think about what that person may be going through or simply acknowledge that their behavior is different than mine and try to let it go without reacting too much.”

Alison / Encinitas, Ca

“So many awesome shifts from releasing a lot of unstuck energy to feeling so much better in my own body and mind. I am still working on layers and layers, but I feel so empowered as I move forward. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am definitely looking forward to another session soon. With SO MUCH GRATITUDE for all that you have shared with me!”

Lilly / Portland, Or

“I feel a lot less connected to my past pain and slowly being more comfortable expressing some opinions, and taking time to take care of myself (the past tendency is take care of others not prioritize basic needs). I don’t feel the need to call my mom for validation.”

Dani / Brooklyn, Ny

“I have noticed a few great changes. For example, I have been feeling much happier on average and my meditation practice has improved a lot. My anxiety and repetitive fearful thoughts have gone way down. I have also been luckier if that’s possible and felt like my other healing modalities have been more effective. Looking forward to doing more work together!”

Raine / San Diego, Ca

“I feel lighter and freer and kinder to myself and to others. I also noticed all the stuff underneath coming up – so we definitely need another session!”

Jenny / Carlsbad, Ca

“I absolutely loved our session. I felt really grounded and peaceful. Each time we have a session and talk it takes me one step closer to health and resolution.”

Karen / Miami, Fl

“Feeling great & deeply grateful. I have been vision for the type of woman I can become – settled, peaceful, never trying to control others, & someone who lets love & light come to me. :)”

Tara / Encinitas, Ca

(After Heart Wall Clearing) “I met Barbara online not long after we had our sessions. We started talking on the phone and, by the end of the month, I went to meet her. We have been together since then, and she actually moved to my town! We are in our new beautiful home, with a fabulous view, facing the sea. We are getting along very well and very happy to have met each other.”

Alyha / Porto, Portugal

“The sessions I’ve had with Kelli have healed me of years of emotional baggage I’d been lugging around for decades! I was speechless after my first session – the “lightness” and freedom I felt was incredible and completely life-altering. Those feelings of relief and liberation have stayed with me.

I encourage anyone who has a desire to improve their life to gift yourself with at least one session. Kelli has an incredible spirit and genuine desire to help other people heal. Whether or not you believe in alternatives to traditional therapy, as someone who has tried both, I stand confidently in my testimony when I share how this method has miraculously transformed me and therefore, my life.

The best word to describe my overall feeling is, whole. I feel whole and therefore I feel absolutely unstoppable! Thank you Kelli!”

K / Arizona, USA

“Thank you Kelli Russell for being one of the most powerful healers, teachers, facilitators etc… that I have ever met and for successfully and compassionately annihilating my over protective heart wall so that I  may walk amongst the living in total love and light …. I will always be grateful, you truly are a Rock Star!!!  XO”

– Casey Hammer, Author of Surviving My Birthright

The PSYCH-K® process with Kelli is incredibly powerful. I was able to handle several issues which had been holding me back for years in a single session. I highly recommend it if you are seeking clarity on some aspect of your inner life, or need a breakthrough to move forward with your dreams.

The shifts that I’ve made have endured. It feels like magic!

– Leila

“Within a few hours, I noticed several perspectives have already shifted. What a great healing process – painless and so fast!”

– Sandy

“I feel pretty light with regards to the emotional pain I have carried. It seems to be something that’s not affecting me now.”

– Arianna

Having a PSYCH-K® session with Kelli was amazing. It really uncovered some of the major themes and areas that have been holding me back in my life and my business. Kelli is warm, friendly, and so easy to talk to and made the process easy. Since our session, I have noticed an incredible amount of ease on a day to day basis.

Before our session, I experienced a lot of anxiety regularly and since our session I’ve been able to trust that everything will work out just as it needs to. This has allowed me to open up and let things just happen rather than forcing it. So much magic!

– Marisa

“Thank you so much for guiding me towards the release of my heart wall! Your kindness, support, and understanding made me feel at ease during this new experience and your positivity made the journey an exciting and enjoyable one.

Wonderful things have already started to fall in place for me and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

– J.T.

“When I first heard about the work you were doing, I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know if you were going to put your hands over me and pray for me or what.

But what I realized is that “You are using [muscle] reflex analysis for ‘truth telling’ coupled with therapeutic techniques learned from talk therapy and cognitive psychology. You aren’t a snake oil salesman, or a traveling preacher selling an invisible product. You’re really, really good at getting to the truth of an issue, cutting through bullshit. You’re really honest with yourself, and other people, and that makes you better as a teacher, a mirror

….and for what it’s worth, coming from a pretty broken veteran of a foreign war, what I’ve gotten from you was of greater help to me these past years than any talk therapy, observation, experimental anti-psychotic, recreational drug, psychiatrist, psychologist, or any other “self-help” direction that is conceivable. Its value can’t be overstated.”

Mathew / Inland Empire, Ca

“My rib is all better and the ankle isn’t bothering me as much. I’ve lost 20 pounds!”

– Darcy

“I had immediate, positive results. I feel lighter and energized.”

– Louis

“I have felt so much lighter since our session. I already feel like I’m being kinder to myself and seeing the world a little differently.”

– Janna

“I feel Great. Specifically, the day-to-day feelings around heartache and anxiety feel completely different.

Like these are life events that I’ve gone through yet I’m not struggling each time it comes up in thought. I’ve also received phone numbers from two guys in the last two days! Total strangers!!! What is going on?”

– Tonia