Results & Testimonials

Working with Kelli Russell

“The sessions I’ve had with Kelli have healed me of years of emotional baggage I’d been lugging around for decades! I was speechless after my first session – the “lightness” and freedom I felt was incredible and completely life-altering. Those feelings of relief and liberation have stayed with me.
I encourage anyone who has a desire to improve their life to gift yourself with at least one session. Kelli has an incredible spirit and genuine desire to help other people heal. Whether or not you believe in alternatives to traditional therapy, as someone who has tried both, I stand confidently in my testimony when I share how this method has miraculously transformed me and therefore, my life.
The best word to describe my overall feeling is, whole. I feel whole and therefore I feel absolutely unstoppable! Thank you Kelli!”

– K

“Thank you Kelli Russell for being one of the most powerful healers, teachers, facilitators etc… that I have ever met and for successfully and compassionately annihilating my over protective heart wall so that I  may walk amongst the living in total love and light …. I will always be grateful, you truly are a Rock Star!!!  XO”

– Casey Hammer, Author of Surviving My Birthright

“I feel a huge shift and clarity.”

– Diana

“I feel clearer, freer, engaged, relaxed.”

– Katie

The PSYCH-K® process with Kelli is incredibly powerful. I was able to handle several issues which had been holding me back for years in a single session. I highly recommend it if you are seeking clarity on some aspect of your inner life, or need a breakthrough to move forward with your dreams.
The shifts that I’ve made have endured. It feels like magic!

– Leila

“I slept better than ever and feel empowered.”

– Casey

“I feel much lighter and very peaceful.”

– Danielle

Having a PSYCH-K® session with Kelli was amazing. It really uncovered some of the major themes and areas that have been holding me back in my life and my business. Kelli is warm, friendly, and so easy to talk to and made the process easy. Since our session, I have noticed an incredible amount of ease on a day to day basis.
Before our session, I experienced a lot of anxiety regularly and since our session I’ve been able to trust that everything will work out just as it needs to. This has allowed me to open up and let things just happen rather than forcing it. So much magic!

– Marisa

“The lump in my throat is totally cleared.”

– Amy

“I’m not in as much pain, and I’m more calm.”

– Leslie

“I feel Great. Specifically, the day-to-day feelings around heartache and anxiety feel completely different.
Like these are life events that I’ve gone through yet I’m not struggling each time it comes up in thought. I’ve also received phone numbers from two guys in the last two days! Total strangers!!! What is going on?”

– Tonia

“My rib is all better and the ankle isn’t bothering me as much. I’ve lost 20 pounds!”

– Darcy

“I feel pretty light with regards to the emotional pain I have carried. It seems to be something that’s not affecting me now.”

– Arianna

“Thank you so much for guiding me towards the release of my heart wall! Your kindness, support, and understanding made me feel at ease during this new experience and your positivity made the journey an exciting and enjoyable one.
Wonderful things have already started to fall in place for me and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

– J.T.

“I had immediate, positive results. I feel lighter and energized.”

– Louis

“Within a few hours, I noticed several perspectives have already shifted. What a great healing process – painless and so fast!”

– Sandy

“I have felt so much lighter since our session. I already feel like I’m being kinder to myself and seeing the world a little differently.”

– Janna