Working with Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell

Consciousness Accelerator & Transformation Specialist

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After two decades of exploring the healing modalities of yoga, meditation, transformative breathwork, Emotional Kinesiology, Touch for Health, PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code Therapy, Body Talk Therapy, and Biofield Healing technologies, Kevin experienced a massive, life-altering enlightenment experience which culminated in clairvoyant abilities coming on-line and writing a handbook on how to reconnect to your inner-wholeness & innate YOUness that is your ticket to a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.

Since then, he has established processes to assist people in reaching their own state of radical reconnection and elevated consciousness as an energy transformation facilitator.

As an intuitive, Kevin specializes in providing hyper-personal directed knowings, messages, and insight which can provide insight, relief from symptoms of stress and trauma, and more internal space to experience greater peaceful presence.

As an alchemist, he facilitates the energetic release of large knots of stuck emotions, trauma events, negative subconscious beliefs, and dark/dense/negative energy. His processes help reconnect, balance and optimize your energetic systems including your immune, adrenal, and nervous systems, biome, meridians/chakras, and physical, mental, emotional, etheric, heart, and spirit connections.

Working with Kevin

This is a new way to get different and more rapid results than you’ve experienced in the past.

After years of practicing healing modalities like yoga, meditation, breath-work, emotional kinesiology, Emotion Code Therapy, BodyTalk, Bio-field Energy work, Kevin had a MASSIVE enlightenment experience on November 21, 2019, that culminated in writing the guidebook on how to reach your own state of radical enlightenment in just 2.5 weeks.

It also enhanced his emotional/energetic intuition, as well as strengthened his ability to help people get past the BS stories, embedded negative programming, and emotional conditioning that keep us prisoners of our own worlds.

Since then, he has created his own processes to help guide people beyond the conditioned programming of the mind-body, breaking down faulty perceptions from systemic emotional/energetic (dis)ease at the subconscious level, and helping you reconnect to the core of who you really are; a brilliant, beautiful, loving, abundant, empathetic, and compassionate energetic being.

What does a session look like?

An energy session always begins with a conversation. We connect and talk about the symptoms of (dis)ease you are experiencing, how you would like to feel instead, and any goals or objectives you want to align more strongly with.

From there, I tune into your personal energy and we begin getting to the subconscious, energetic core of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Symptoms can often times express themselves differently than the actual root cause.

For example, a debilitating case of indecision can have its energetic roots in an energetic trauma or emotional resonance from the past, or chronic knee pain can have its roots in an explosive fight with a parent or guardian from childhood.

Once the system has been balanced, and all contributing energetic ‘origins’ have been rewritten, transformed, or cleared, we lock-in the changes at the subconscious level. Before we finish, we give your entire energetic system a “tune-up” and create an action plan to take with you in order to support and accelerate the positive changes we just established resonating out into your life.

Kevin is the most gifted and intuitive healer I’ve ever worked with. I was experiencing heavy stress that translated into pain, digestive issues, and insomnia. Kevin created a safe, loving and nurturing space where, in a single session, I was able to release trapped emotions (even ancestral) that years of therapy had failed to resolve.
After 10 days, my results are profound and go beyond the symptoms I was experiencing. I feel calm and balanced. Life is lighter and easier. Not only is he an amazing practitioner but he’s also an amazing human being. He’s passionate about his work and truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about healing.
– Francesca