Modalities to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

and Why Addressing the Subconscious is So Important

Can you believe that we are only consciously engaged with what we’re thinking and doing about 5% of the time?!

The other 95% (some scientists even tout 98%)1 of the time our subconscious mind is running the show on autopilot. It’s the subconscious that perpetuates our habits and unwanted experiences on a repetitive loop. That’s also why we experience so many loops.

95% of the time we are in the back seat while our subconscious is at the wheel. And the subconscious only care’s about keeping you safe. Unfortunately, safe means run all the old patterns and keep things the way they are, because that is safe! That is what is “known”.

Also, from a processing standpoint, conservative estimates put the capacity of our subconscious minds at around 20,000,000 bytes per second, while our conscious minds operate closer to 40 bytes per second2.

Yes, you read that correctly, our subconscious operates, conservatively, at 500,000x time the capacity of our conscious minds.

In addition to being wildly powerful, the subconscious is efficient too! It generalizes our past and transforms/ mutates/ intensifies symptoms we experience unless we take action at the subconscious level. ‘

This is why, when you reprogram your subconscious mind, you can experience such powerful, rapid, and noticeable shifts in your world. It’s like reprogramming a quantum super computer to start working for us instead of controlling us. And we get all that powerful processing capacity rocketing us towards what we do want instead of working overtime keeping us stuck in all the old patterns.

The number one mistake people make when they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong or create a new thought pattern or habit, is that they address their conscious mind rather than their subconscious.

This is why talk therapy and affirmations rarely work. We must get beneath the surface to figure out what’s really going on. And to make real, lasting changes, we have to go deep!

One of the biggest factors why our subconscious “software” is in control so much is that our physical “hardware” is fried!

Our adrenal, nervous, and immune systems are constantly depleted and in habitually weakened states. This is because of our energetic environment.

We’re constantly bathed in fear-response triggering 24-hour news cycles. Saturated in social media competition & comparison. Inundated by cult of personality celebrity in all areas of life. And you have to navigate all that without a compass, floating in a sea made up of your hyper-personal expression of genetic, ancestral, family, community, regional, cultural, spiritual, and energetic conditioning, programming, and trauma.

Using APPLIED KINESIOLOGY  coupled with EMOTION CODE THERAPY and PSYCH-K® we have the tools to reprogram your subconscious mind and create lasting change.

And we support those powerful transformations with a regular practice of balancing, grounding, and centering exercises to relieve our depleted bio-systems.

This provides whole-system support that enables us to dissolve old patterns, trauma loops, and conditioned/ programmed reactions. It also enables us to reconnect with our innate wholeness more easily and efficiently than ever before. And, each step in the practice returns us to our natural state of being. One of peaceful-presence, non-attachment, inspiration, and unlimited potential.

Applied kinesiology provides the means, Emotion Code Therapy releases stuck emotions, and PSYCH-K® comes in to release the subconscious sting of past events and establish positive, life-affirming subconscious beliefs to support you in all that you want to do and be in life.

Basically, we’re releasing the old stuck emotional energy, then installing the good stuff – the powerful, positive messages that we do want running the show!

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