How Can This Work Long Distance?

Distance Healing, aka Remote Healing, provides long-distance support for inner/personal transformation anywhere in the world.

You get the same benefit with distance healing as in person

The beautiful thing about this work is that you receive the same relief whether on a phone or video distance healing session, or in person.

You still get all the same benefits of our grounding/balancing whole-brain processes. And, the same powerful subconscious and emotional transformations. The only difference is that you get to do all this from your own space!

Reprogram your subconscious with muscle testing at distance

In both Emotion Code and PSYCH-K® (Kelli is trained at the master level), we are taught to connect to your unique energy signature and receive a signal. Just like energetic wi-fi, this works across any distance.

Muscle Testing provides a binary code of communication. This enables us to get a yes/no, true/false, or stress level information from your system.

For remote sessions, we act as your proxy, or surrogate, and muscle test on your behalf. In this way, we are able to navigate your subconscious landscape with you from any distance and provide rapid relief.

Since we are all connected within the quantum sea of energy, it doesn’t matter how far away you live. We see clients from across the globe, including the UK, India, Australia, Jamaica, Norway, Japan, South Africa, and Portugal for distance healing!

Distance Healing works because we have a natural, energetic capacity to connect to each other across distances.
Much like cellphones work by radio energy frequency, we humans have a natural, energetic capacity to connect to each other across distances.
We are effectively tuning into your system with a diagnostic tool set that provides a framework for inquiry, understanding, confirmation, and transformation within a session.

Safely and securely release subconscious blockages anywhere in the world

We always test for permission when working with people for a long distance healing session.* By ensuring that it’s safe and appropriate to connect over “energetic WiFi”,  we establish a secure connection between practitioner and client. You can think of it like energetic block chain encryption. Private, end-to-end security.

Then we use self-muscle testing to facilitate our session, whether our focus is on releasing trapped emotions or transforming subconscious beliefs. We always validate (post-test) to verify that the blockage is released, or transformation complete, within the mind-body system after each process.

And lastly, we ensure the surrogation/proxy connection is released at the end of every session.

*If we happen to receive a “No” response it means that it isn’t safe and appropriate to conduct a session at this time. This has only happened a few times in all our years of practice. If this happens to We can reschedule the session for a better time, or we will refund you the cost of the session.

Ready for a Distance Healing Session?

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