How Can This Work Long Distance?

In both Emotion Code and PSYCH-K® (Kelli is trained at the master level), we are taught to connect to your unique energy signature and receive a signal, just like energetic wi-fi, across any distance. Since we are all connected within the quantum sea of energy, It doesn’t matter how far away you live. We see clients from across the globe in the UK, India, Australia, Jamaica, Norway, Japan, South Africa, and Portugal to name a few!

For distance sessions, we act as your proxy/in surrogation for you and muscle test on your behalf. We tune in to your signal and utilize self-muscle testing, to determine whether it is a strong or weak response from you.

Muscle Testing provides a binary code of communication, which allows us to get a yes/no, true/false, or stress response from your system. With a phone or video session, you will still be doing the same whole-brain processes with our guidance, and we pre-and post-test on our end to ensure that the process is complete and the change actually did occur.

Much like cellphones work by radio energy frequency, we humans have a natural, energetic capacity to connect to each other across distances.
We are effectively tuning into your system with a diagnostic tool set that provides a framework for inquiry, understanding, confirmation, and transformation within a session.

For releasing stuck emotions, we receive your energy signal and use self-muscle testing as your proxy to determine which emotion was trapped at what age, and clear it from your biofield through distance emotional energy healing.

Once we determine what emotion it was and release it, we validate to see that it did indeed clear. There is always a post-test to make sure that the blockage is no longer present.

When we see people for a long-distance session, we always ask for energetic permission that it is safe and appropriate to link up energetically for the duration of our session. If we receive a “No” response, we will send your money back. (That has only happened a couple of times in the past 6 years). At the end of the session, the surrogation/proxy is released.

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